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Ecological House Cleaning  

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ecological detergents

Clean the House and wash clothes with natural and sustainable products: our proposals are the surprising their nuts, which are nothing more than the fruit of a plant naturally rich in saponins, from which you can derive a great liquid soap that will then be derived directly from nature, without chemical or industrial processes! We offer the most challenging classic wash detergents and bleaches of tradition, made of lye with ashes.

The Bionoci: ecological SOAP because product directly from a plant!

For centuries the BioNoce is used by the local populations of India and Nepal as detergent and natural laundry detergent. Walnut hull contains ' saponin ', a substance which in contact with water releases a strong power cleaner.

The ripening of nuts, which gives them a golden color, takes place in the autumn. Between September and November the walnuts are collected and let dry. Afterwards, will be opened, removed the seed inside and packed in sacks of cotton ready to be used.

The BioNoce can be used for body care and hair care, housecleaning, to wash fruits and vegetables, such as dishwasher detergent and pesticide plants.

The advantages of BioNoci as detergent daily:

The BioNoci are a natural cleanser and softening.
Ensure a deep cleansing while preserving the delicate colours of the garments.
Are eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable.
They contain no preservatives or dyes.
Are hypoallergenic, thus very suitable for children, infants and people with allergies or skin problems.
Are cheap: 1 kg of nuts is sufficient for 200 washes.

How to use BioNoci:

Introduce 2 chopped nuts in a container with water and blend with a hand blender or other blender for a few minutes. Filter and use the liquid and foam that is generated as a detergent by pouring in the detergent dispenser of washing machine or dishwasher, in a container with spray for glass and other surfaces or using the sponge to wash dishes or personal hygiene.

The residue can be used repeatedly (until frullandolo releases saponin/foam) and then be disposed of with your other compostable product.

The BioNoci are a completely natural, biological detergent, 100% biodegradable and economic.

For use as a pesticide for plants, including a vial kit is unsold of Palo Santo essential oil to enhance complete the action.

For all other uses, we wanted to meet the required detailed explanations that come to us from many quarters preparing some videos which are available on our Youtube Channel Lynpha Vitale ... We are waiting for you...come and join us now!

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