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Incense Cones 

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incense cones

incense cones are a convenient format that combines the qualities of the pole to those of the classic incense sticks. In fact, the cone does not turn off by itself as a stake, but spreads its rich smoke and perfumed until complete consumption, which occurs after about 20 minutes. The incense cones are ideal to perfume quickly even very large environments.


When using the fire is recommended to use suitable supports and not to be left unsupervised flaring cones: a brazier but a simple ashtray as a base, or metal support, stone or terracotta will be perfect. The cones can be burned poggiandoli on a bed of sand or salt.

Burning for a few seconds the end of the cone then extinguish the flame: unlike a wooden stake, the embers will not turn off, but will continue to be consumed regularly until the end.

The scented smoke wafting is ideal for purifying environment, promote good quality sleep and create a magical atmosphere of meditation

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