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Palo Santo 

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Palo Santo Natural Incense

The Palo Santo is a prized and fragrant wood has always been used in shamanic cultures of Central and South America for:

  • purify and perfume the environments
  • keep away insects
  • create a meditative atmosphere
  • Accompany rituals

The brand Palo Santo® is a guarantee of quality of work and respect for the environment. The Bursera Garveolens wood we used and distributed is exclusively collected by the local populations after at least 4 years from the natural fall of the plant, during which fungi and mucilage of the terrain are the makers of the formation of the resin from the characteristic and intense fragrance.


As always when using fire, you should use suitable supports and not to leave unattended products that burn or incandescent.

Turns on the latch at one end, and then turn it off after a few seconds, blowing or by moving it in the air. From the grill will go up a thin wisp of smoke spread in the environment surrounding the typical aroma of this fragrant wood scent of the soul.

The ignition operation must be repeated several times because it is good not to leave the stake burn with flame, but consume it slowly through the brace: in this way the resin and essential oils burn gradually along with the wood, and the stake It will keep the flavor intact throughout its length.

The Palo Santo can manually in various places and rooms in need of fumigation, or placed in an upright position, alone or via drain of a portapaletto.

When the coals are completely off (typically after a few minutes) you will notice that the ash residue near and above the pole are almost null: much better than an incense! The Palo Santo® selected by us naturally has a hardness and density such as to ensure a complete combustion of the embers.

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