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Bracelet Anklet with 7 Chakra stones



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The clasp, natural cotton with no synthetic elements, allows you to widen it and tighten it conveniently to be able to wear it both as a bracelet or anklet, enjoying the energetic properties of each stone.

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  • The Bracelet - Anklet consists of 7 stones linked to the Chakras.

  • Clasp in natural cotton with no synthetic elements.

  • The stones are natural and the shades may vary to that in the photo.

  • Energy balancing jewel, hypoallergenic.

Red Jasper - 1st chakra. Gives strength and tenacity.

Carnelian - 2nd chakra. Gives courage. Makes you stable and realistic. Gives a boost to your emotional and creative life. Stimulates self-worth and personal power.

Yellow Calcite - 3rd chakra. Gives stability and warmth to emotions, acting as a relaxant on the solar plexus chakra.

Green Aventurine - 4th chakra. Helps to identify your own dreams and deepest desires and to achieve them. Counteracts rage, makes you patient and tolerant.

Sodalite - 5th chakra. Protects and stimulates the throat chakra, facilitating communication both with yourself and with others as well as maintaining your own individuality.

Amethyst - 6th chakra. Helps develop intuitiveness, awareness and contact with your spiritual self.

Lapis Lazuli - 7th chakra. Allows you to feel the 'Lord of your Kingdom', fully in harmony with the Whole, with yourself and with those around you.

It is possible to clean the stones energetically putting the bracelet under running water, exposing it to the light of the moon, burying it, or with more personal methods that you may feel appropriate (e.g. Reiki).

* Le descrizioni del prodotto non sono da considerarsi assolute e i risultati descritti nella scheda dell'articolo possono essere variabili a seconda della persona e delle aspettative personali, e del tipo di uso che viene fatto. Nel caso di dubbi o perplessità consigliamo di chiederci ulteriori informazioni e/o in caso di necessità di consulenze particolari (per esempio per i prodotti cosmetici o i dispositivi medici) consigliamo di rivolgersi ad un professionista in materia.



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