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Soap Nuts are a universal cleaner, completely natural. The shell contains a substance called saponin, that can be easily melted in water, and has the same properties of soap.

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Soap nuts have been known for centuries in India and Nepal, where the shells of the nuts of the soap tree, Sapindus Mukorossi, have always been used as laundry detergent.

The shell contains a substance called saponin, that has the same properties of soap.

As the nuts dissolve in water, they develop their detergent, disinfectant and antibacterial power.

Soap nuts demonstrate their valuable properties not only in the washing of fabrics, but also in personal hygiene and as a universal cleaner for the most varied requirements.

Nuts can be used as a Shampoo or Liquid Soap, as a Detergent for dishes and a household Cleaner, but also to wash fruit and vegetables, or to protect your plants from insects and pests.

The benefits of daily use of Soap Nuts as a universal cleaner are the following:

- Effective detergent and natural softener
- Ensure deep cleaning despite its gentle washing, keeps the original colours and protects the fabric.

- They’re ecological and 100% biodegradable.
- 100% natural with no chemical additives.

- Suitable for all skin types: they can even be used by those who suffer from allergies, dermatological conditions and for those who have skin problems.

- Very cheap: a single 1Kg pack is enough for about 200 washing cycles.

HOW TO PREPARE THE DETERGENT: Insert 2 chopped nuts in a container with water and blend with a hand blender or other mixer for a few minutes. Filter the liquid and the foam and use it as a detergent: pour it into the tank of the washing machine and / or dishwasher. Keep the liquid in a container with spray doser to use it on glass and other surfaces, or use it with a sponge to clean dishes, or for personal hygiene.

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