Sahumerio Cones in box Palo Santo strong and pervasive fragrance for purification and meditation 100% natural

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It is a hand-made product and each cone has a duration of about 20 minutes.

Blend of essential oils composed of Palo Santo, Sandalwood, Copal and flowers of Rose.

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INSTRUCTIONS: When using fire we recommend that you use suitable supports and that you do not leave burning cones unattended. A simple ashtray as a base or a metal, stone or terracotta support will be perfect. Cones should be burned at the tip putting them on a bed of sand or coarse salt. A thin wisp of aromatic smoke will rise and spread in your rooms, even in the internal ones.

PROPERTIES AND BENEFITS: the fragrance of Palo Santo® is 100% natural and is perfect for: to purify the rooms, keep insects away, create a meditative atmosphere.

Sandalwood, relaxing and restful,  releases an aroma with dry and virile notes. The Copal, copal resin, is an ancient Maya incensed fragrance with a fresh and herbaceous accord. Flowers of Rose, note of sweetness, are a symbol of femininity and elegance.

Sahumerios Rajneesh incense cones: they do not contain carbon, bamboo wood, animal ingredients, they come from ethical productions and respect the environment and factory workers.

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