Neti Lota for Nasal Washings in Copper Ayurvedic Products

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Nasal wash? It will be very simple, thanks to our copper neti pot lota. Daily tool for removing mucus and cleaning the nose from all obstacles, counteracts colds, stuffy nose and local inflammations. Our neti pot is a CE class 1 medical device. Try it now!

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The Metal Neti, an antique Avurvedic remedy, allows you to carry out a thorough nasal irrigation in a quick and efficient way.

Regular use of the Neti pot guarantees deep cleansing of bacteria, air pollution and mucus from the nasal passages, restoring proper breathing resulting in a state of psycho-physical well-being.

Half fill the neti pot with a warm saltwater solution. Tip your head to one side, just enough to allow the liquid to flow into the nostril. Repeat on the other side.

The copper of the Neti Pot enriches the saline solution with the disinfectant properties of this metal. Its workmanship makes it practical and manageable. Following use, clean with a solution of water, salt and lemon juice.

Our Neti pot is registered as a CE class1 medical device.

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