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Crystal Deodorant Natural Antibacterial Plus Stick 120g

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  • Potassium PLUS Crystal, a quality selected stone, weighing about 190-240g.

  • A completely natural deodorant, extracted and used since ancient times as an antibacterial and deodorant

  • Does not block pores, does not cover odours with fragrance and is suitable for sensitive and irritable skin, including children's skin.

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Plus Crystal, thanks to its pure characteristics, allows greater efficiency compared to a common crystal. Can be useful in many cases: rubbed on cold sores and boils it quickly heals them, used after shaving, as an aftershave, and generally after hair removal, it prevents skin irritation, removes the smell of fish, garlic, onion etc. from hands, prevents nappy rash in babies and the elderly. It helps tissue healing in case of minor cuts or abrasions. USE: Wet the Crystal with water and gently rub it on the affected areas. It will create a protective barrier against bacteria, the real culprit of bad odours.

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