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Four herb and resin blends created to work with the Elements: Tellus, Astargatis, Ashtoreth and Anat. In Hippocratic philosophy proper functioning of the body depends on the good balance of the four elements: fire, water, air and earth.

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  • TELLUS: EARTH, contains MYRRH, GUAIAC, CASCARA SAGRADA and SAGE, a blend of herbs and resins with disinfectant and antiseptic properties.

  • ASTARGATIS: AIR, contains FENNEL, SANDAL, BIRCH and LAUREL, a blend of herbs and resins with diuretic and cleansing properties as well as a natural repellent against insects and parasites.

  • ASHTORETH: WATER, contains LAVENDER, WILLOW, CINNAMON and SAGE, a blend of herbs and resins with strong anti-inflammatory properties, soothing and relaxing, useful for tackling annoying menstrual pain, headaches and rheumatism.

  • ANAT: FIRE, contains OLIVE, HELICHRYSUM, GINGER and CLOVE, a blend of herbs and resins with mainly decongestant properties and an effective help in increasing metabolism, aiding weight loss.

Take your time, you can receive advantages and awareness from it. Fumigation is an ancient remedy that draws benefits from the emission of fumes emitted by the burning of resins and herbs to ensure the psychological well-being of those who will occupy the treated areas. How to practice fumigation: choose the blend that represents you, that inspires you, from which to benefit. Once doors and windows are closed, in an incense burner (or any heat resistant recipient whether earthenware, porcelain, stone or metal) place a layer of sand or earth at least one finger thick, to make burning more uniform. Place a tablet in the centre of a piece of charcoal for fumigation and light it on: after a few minutes, once red-hot, put on top some grains from the blend of resins and parts of the plants supplied in the bag that you have chosen. Pleasantly scented white smoke will be produced, while walking around with the burner, not forgetting the corners, you will fill the space with it. After an hour or two ventilate the rooms.

* Le descrizioni del prodotto non sono da considerarsi assolute e i risultati descritti nella scheda dell'articolo possono essere variabili a seconda della persona e delle aspettative personali, e del tipo di uso che viene fatto. Nel caso di dubbi o perplessità consigliamo di chiederci ulteriori informazioni e/o in caso di necessità di consulenze particolari (per esempio per i prodotti cosmetici o i dispositivi medici) consigliamo di rivolgersi ad un professionista in materia.



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