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Nirdosh: can smoking be "curative"? Yes, but on one condition

Dhoompan, literally "healing smoke". Thirty years ago some Ayurvedic doctors decided to develop a 100% natural product capable of detoxifying tobacco and nicotine, and at the same time able to remove a smoker from vice, resolving the problem of smoking in a definitive and natural way . Following the ancient Ayurvedic texts about Dhoompan healing smoke, Nirdosh were born.
Cigarettes Nirdosh are herbal cigarettes and are the only true natural alternative to cigarettes containing tobacco and nicotine. Leaving unchanged the gestures linked to smoking allow you to quit smoking gradually , as also found in the research published on ' Tabaccologia 3-2015' ' the Dr. F. Lugoboni, P. Guadagnini and L. Morbioli.

We often light a cigarette more out of habit, for example after lunch, or for reasons related to stress, at work. In those moments, bringing a cigarette to your mouth and inhaling the smoke is a reward that we feel we deserve, and which we are not willing to give up so easily.

If we could replicate the same gesture with a harmless cigarette, how effective and revolutionary would this method be in a smoking cessation therapy ? This is what Prof. Lugoboni, Head of the Dependency Medicine Department at the Hospital of Verona, asked himself before conducting scientific research to demonstrate the effectiveness of this method. The results will be published shortly, but the data are clear: very high success rates, with consequences in the vice much lower than other methods such as patches or electronic cigarettes.

The herbal cigarette Nirdosh is composed of a mixture of Ayurvedic herbs , natural and aromatic herbs, which you can smoke and which can be a viable alternative to smoking and cigarettes.


Why "healing" smoke? Nirdosh natural herbal cigarettes are composed of herbs which in combustion release essential oils capable of performing a flaming action of the oral cavity. Not only will you therefore abandon nicotine, tobacco and substances deriving from oil, but you will also have the beneficial effect of 100% natural essential oils on the oral cavity.

Do Nirdosh hurt?

Nirdosh cigarettes are not without combustion but the mixture of Ayurvedic herbs is wrapped in a Tendu leaf, a plant similar to eucalyptus, which in combustion releases aromatic essential oils and totally natural. The absence of processed paper and benzopyrene (the hydrocarbon-based substance that allows cigarettes to burn completely even without aspiration) means that less aldehyde and polynuclear compounds are formed in combustion. The paper used in the tobacco industry in combustion releases at least eight potentially carcinogenic chemicals from oil, which Nirdosh cigarettes do not do.

The Nirdosh herbal cigarettes resemble the classic Indian cigarettes : made following an ancient Ayurvedic recipe based on natural herbs, they do not undergo chemical treatments of any kind making the Nirdosh comparable to < strong> organic cigarettes .
Nirdosh cigarettes are natural cigarettes without additives and without tar composed of herbs that help to quit smoking .
They are cigarettes that do not hurt and that can make you reach the goal of being without cigarettes better than electronic cigarettes sold in pharmacy or compared to smoking natural tobacco , because they leave the gestures related to smoking unaltered and accompany you on a 13-week journey in which you will never feel alone.

Nirdosh where to buy them

sigarette alle erbe per smettere di fumare nirdosh

Nirdosh - natural herbal cigarettes to quit smoking

The effectiveness of the Nirdosh method is due to gestures: it is proven that the smoker develops an addiction not only to nicotine, but to the same gesture of lighting a cigarette and bringing it to the mouth.

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Or contact your herbalist or trusted pharmacy to try to quit smoking and ask for cigarettes to stop smoke without nicotine and without tobacco Nirdosh.

The Nirdosh method for quitting smoking

Quit smoking in 13 weeks: this is the Nirdosh method.

How does it do it? We start by gradually replacing traditional cigarettes with Nirdosh. This phase lasts on average 7 weeks. Initially it will be a Nirdosh only the first cigarette of the day, then slowly you will replace industrial cigarettes with Nirdosh, one step at a time. The last few weeks will also gradually decrease the number of Nirdosh, and at that point you will finally be smoke-free.

Quitting smoking suddenly is very difficult: you will fall into vice within a few weeks. This at least say the data: the relapse rates of those who quit smoking suddenly are very high, around 95%. To stop really smoking you need a strategy, a long-term plan, a good dose of iron will and external help: these are the real ingredients of the Nirdosh method.

Contact us to receive your personalized smoking cessation plan thanks to Nirdosh natural herbal cigarettes! Send us your age, the number of cigarettes you smoke on average per day and why you would like to quit smoking. You will receive your personalized plan within a few days!

The Nirdosh herbal cigarettes leave the gestures unaltered and replace tobacco and nicotine with herbs that are not addictive, while ensuring a full, intense and full-bodied taste that can satisfy even the most hardened smokers. If you want to keep the gestures active even after 13 weeks, for the pleasure of doing it or to avoid relapses, you can smoke a few Nirdosh every now and then without risking dangerous contacts with tobacco.


The benefits of medicinal herbs are increasingly understood and used all over the world. According to the Ayurvedic tradition, each herb present in Nirdosh performs a specific task:

basil herb cigarettes ingredients Basil Used to improve digestion and promote respiratory health
herbal cigarettes turmeric ingredients Turmeric Considered an excellent antiseptic and antioxidant, it is used as an anti-inflammatory of the digestive tract and antispasmodic
herbal cigarettes licorice ingredients

Licorice Known as a germicide, it is known to relieve cough, cold and congestion.

herbal cigarettes cinnamon ingredients

Cinnamon antiseptic and refreshing properties. Cinnamon is a good detoxifier and has a natural purifying action

herbal cigarettes clove ingredients

Cloves antioxidant and fungicide, clove can give benefits in case of toothache and gingivitis

herbal cigarettes tendu ingredients

Tendu flaming of the oral cavity, similar to eucalyptus leaves

herbal cigarettes ingredients Trachyspermum ammi Trachyspermum ammiPurifying, useful in removing toxins and in kidney pain thanks to its spasmodic action
Trachyspermum ammi Commiphora Mukul

Commiphora Mukul  Helps lower blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels