Palo Santo 'Ritual' Grains - 80 g

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Bursera graveolens incense in grain form, harvested in the region of Manabì, in southern Ecuador. Characterized by a slightly fresh balsamic aroma, this variety is ideal for purifying the energy of environments and leaving a long-lasting scent.

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Palo Santo incense has been used since ancient times by the Shamans of pre-Columbian populations: it purifies the air filling the room with positive energy, favoring rebalancing and inner harmony while leaving an intense and long-lasting aroma.

Charcoal is required to use the grains: once the charcoal is lit simply lay upon it a small pinch of grains and enjoy an intense and enveloping fumigation.

Our Palo Santo is harvested from naturally fallen plants at the end of their life cycle and left to mature on the ground for at least 3 years. Once collected, the wood is cut and packaged by hand.

Our Palo Santo is natural and eco-sustainable and guaranteed by smoke analyses carried out in European laboratories. It is also fair trade, as it is collected and selected in collaboration with local communities, in fair and ethical working conditions.

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