Palo Santo and Myrrh Incense Stick - 6 Sticks

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Natural incense stick created from ground Palo Santo and Myrrh, an aromatic gum extracted from the Commiphora mirrha, a flowering plant from the Burseraceae family.

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Theses sticks are ideal for light but prolonged fumigations: the synergy of the Palo Santo with Myrrh guarantees an intense and profound purification of rooms combined with a full-bodied aroma.

For optimal use simply light one end for a few seconds, the stick will then continue to smolder. If you prefer to put it out before it burns out completely just remove the lit tip.

Our sticks are completely natural, handmade by local artisans: the ground Palo Santo and Myrrh are mixed with the use of a natural resin.

Eco-sustainable and fair trade; our sticks are guaranteed by smoke analyses carried out in Italian laboratories.

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