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From the specialists No. 1 of the Palo Santo, the Amarillo stake, from the region of Manabì (Ecuador). As an infusion of peace and serenity, it restores harmony, inner balance and positive energies. Balsamic and fruity aroma, classic cut of the post. Try it now!

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100% natural

100% Natural

Wood is never chemically treated, neither in growth nor in processing


Fair and solidary

Collected and worked in respect of the Work and Nature, in a sustainable and virtuous way for local communities

palo santo

Certified raw materials

Wood aged at least 5 years according to the ancient shamanic craft method and subjected to smoke analysis.

What is the Palo Santo?

Natural incense of millenary tradition, it is considered the oldest natural anti-stress: its aroma is an explosion of positive energies, it will brighten your day! A relaxing fragrance that will give you a smile whenever you want.

Its characteristic aroma touches deep emotional chords, works deeply on an emotional and spiritual level.

Considered irreplaceable already by pre-Columbian shamans in sacred rituals and healing ceremonies.

It improves the quality of sleep and makes the atmosphere magical. A charge of energy always in your pocket!


How to use the stake

The Palo Santo burns properly through the embers, not through the flame. As soon as the stake catches the flame, it is best to turn it off, repeating the operation several times until you get a consistent embers.

On the other hand, letting the flame burn over, all the essential oil will burn quickly; in the subsequent use you will only have a charred wood that will give me a bad smell: it is therefore good to avoid burning the lighted flame. We advise you to use ours support for sticks

Why choose the format stick

The Palo Santo stick recalls the ancient rituals; it is the purest and most original form, but also the most economical, given that a stake can be lit dozens of times. The important thing is to do it correctly.


Why choose the Amarillo variety

The Amarillo variety comes only from the region of Manabì, in Ecuador. We have chosen this area because the special composition of the soil makes this Palo Santo particularly balsamic. The scent is fresh, with notes of licorice and hints of mint. A juice of positive energy ready to use.

If you prefer a deeper aroma and a thinner cut, you can try the stake Selecciòn.

If you prefer a larger Palo Santo stake cut into the rough, try Especial.


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