Earrings Goccia Jewels in Wood of Santo Craft Pole

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·         The Bursera graveolens (botanical name) is a typical tree of the South American Pacific coast, closely related to incense as it belongs to the same botanical family (Burseraceae).

·         Herborea srl sells its products under the brand Palo Santo®; this brand ensures the best product, quality of work and respect for the environment.

·         Its wood is characterised by a strong natural fragrance and has been used since ancient times by indigenous people for its many psycho-physical beneficial properties and as a spiritual remedy to purify the air from bad energy and annoying insects.

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A natural jewel, with a wooden pendant from the Bursera graveolens tree. A gift to yourself, to be accompanied by positive vibes and protection for the body and soul. Accompanied by a small vial of essential oil, obtained from steam distillation of the wood. A drop of essential oil is all it takes to renew the scent and the energy of the jewel.

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