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Fumigation Resin Traditions - 4 cans

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·         Incense is used for its fine fragrance in religious ceremonies. Fragrance: citrus, cedar.

·         MIRRA is an aromatic gum resin, famous since ancient times for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Fragrance: sweet, slightly bitter.

·         SILVESTRIS is the common name derived from Boswellia incense Neglecta. The resin produced, of excellent quality, can be black or white, and is produced by spontaneous exudation from the plant's wounds. Fragrance: fresh and woody.

·          SHEREZAD is a sweet and spicy aroma resin. Traditionally used as an expectorant, and as chewing gum. Fragrance: sweet, spicy.

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Take your time, and you will receive advantages and awareness. Fumigation is an ancient remedy involving fumes emitted by the burning of resins and herbs to ensure the psychological well-being of those who will occupy the treated areas. How to practice fumigation: choose the blend that represents you, that inspires you, from which to benefit. Once doors and windows are closed, in an incense burner (or any heat resistant recipient of earthenware, porcelain, stone or metal) place a layer of sand or earth at least one finger thick, to aid uniform burning. Place a tablet in the centre of a piece of charcoal for fumigation and light it: after a few minutes, once red-hot, add some grains of the blend of resins and parts of the plants supplied in the bag that you have chosen. Pleasantly scented white smoke will be produced, and you can fill the room by walking around with the burner, not forgetting the corners. After an hour or two ventilate the rooms.

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