Sulfur torches Natural remedy for Cervical and Articular pains box with 3 pcs.

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Authentic mineral sulfur, different for efficacy and quality from replacement compounds of factories.

Keep properly and handle with care because of its natural fragility

100% Ancient natural remedy. Ideal product for sportsmen

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The properties of sulfur have always been known from mankind and from folk medicine. For centuries they have been used in the Argentine tradition as ancient natural remedy for neck pain, air strikes, stiff neck, joint pain. Rolling the sulfur bar on the body  we get an energy rebalancing and an epidermis relaxation. Their original conical shape allows a better rotatory manipulation, also facilitating a greater consumption of the energy absorbed. Use: The sulfur bar is rolled on the affected area for 5-10 minutes; small pops will indicate you the action of the sulfur that absorbs the negative electrostatic tension in the inflamed area. A possible break of the sulfur bar indicates a rapid absorption of negative tension. Continue then to massage with a new sulfur bar to end absorption. Sulfur fingers absorb better if they are cold (we suggest to cool them before using them by putting them in the freezer for 5 minutes). After having used them they must be rinsed for one minute under running water, then placed in their pack  storing them in a dry place, ready for use again. When the sulfur bars will be broken into small pieces and no longer usable, you can pulverize and dissolve them in hot water for a poultice on the painful area or a foot bath. Pack of three large bars, net weight: approx.260 g (single bar: about 86 g).

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