Nettalingua ayurvedico Pulisci Lingua Classico Jihwa Dhauti in Rame Pulisci Lingua

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·         Removes toxins deposited on the tongue

·         Eliminates bad breath

·         Reduces the build-up of bacterial plaque

·         Reduces excess mucus

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The original tongue scrape from Indian Ayurvedic tradition. The toxins that are deposited at night on the tongue form a white film which should be removed first thing in the morning, in order not to be swallowed again.

Use: 1. Hold both ends of the Tongue Scraper with your hands and gently scrape the tongue from the inside out 2. Rinse the Tongue Scraper under running water after each movement 3. Continue until the white film has been completely removed.

Using the Tongue Scraper on a daily basis is important both for oral hygiene and for your health in general. Why choose a Copper Tongue Scraper? Tongue Scrapers used in Ayurvedic tradition were and still are only made in copper or silver, metals particular esteemed for their bacteriostatic characteristics. Being an excellent conductor, copper is bacteriostatic, which means it inhibits the proliferation of bacteria on its surface, as well as having a good resistance to corrosion and a low chemical reactivity. Since 2008, the "US Environmental Protection Agency" has approved the registration of copper and its alloys as antimicrobial agents able to reduce specific harmful bacteria. The trace element copper is really important, so much so that we have good reason to think that this trace mineral may be valuable to maintain our body's equilibrium. It is important that the metal used in the manufacturing of the tongue scraper is 99.9% pure


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